Service & Support

Many conventional office equipment companies offer high-end technology but few are able to boast a differentiating level of service like the ImageTech Edge.

ImageTech’s commitment to service is not only to ensure that your concerns are addressed quickly – guaranteed 4 hour response time – but that your concerns are solved on the first service call – 86% of service calls are closed on the first call – and that we follow-up to ascertain a candid assessment of our service.

Fast, On-Site Response
Fast, on-site emergency service response is guaranteed and follow-up is not forgotten, as so often happens with conventional office equipment providers. The Pro Care Program is ImageTech’s way of ensuring not only that the service is provided quickly but that you are satisfied with the response.

Live Dispatch and Followup
Dispatch operates Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm with a live voice guaranteed in dispatch. Customer Care Specialists call 25% of the previous day’s service calls to survey customer satisfaction. According to the Pro Care surveys, “Its one thing to claim customer satisfaction but quite another to measure customer satisfaction by measuring your own customer service…” ImageTech boasts a response time of less than 4 hours and an 86% call completion ratio on the first call – a ratio measuring the percentage of service calls completed on the first visit. This process of efficient response time and candid, timely follow-up allows ImageTech to be that much closer to customer concerns and requirements and continue to ‘Define Excellence’ in service and support.

Flexible Service Plans to Fit Your Budget
Most conventional office equipment providers are very rigid, locking you into service plans with inaccurate estimations of volume. ImageTech prides itself on offering customers flexibility and options. Flexible acquisition options make the transition to new digital equipment easy, affordable and hassle-free. These options coupled with flexible cost-per-copy options, tailored to your usage and budget, allow you to be protected from unpredictable costs. All equipment, maintenance, and supplies can be covered on one monthly invoice and there are no unpredictable service and supply costs.

Upgrade with No Cash Up Front
Further flexibility comes with the ability to upgrade equipment without any cash, allowing you to free up working capital and take advantage of potential tax benefits. Lease programs with built-in upgrades allow you to access the newest technology and be able to continually improve efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

93% Customer Retention Rate
Many conventional office equipment providers offer high-end technology but few are able to boast the high level of customer service and commitment to the sustained satisfaction of customers. Maybe this is why ImageTech can boast a 93% customer retention rate and why customers frequently express their absolute satisfaction with their ImageTech partnership.